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Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves have three functions:

Warmth – hands are expose when cycling. As our hands do not have muscles in them to keep them warm. Therefore, gloves are important when riding especially in pocket option free demo account winter or wet weather to protect them and keeping them warm.

Comfort – Riding can put a good deal of stress on the hands, transmitting road shocks up through the handlebars to the rider. Hence padded gloves or handlebar grips are the solution.

Protection - When we fall it is only our natural reaction by putting out our hands to break it. Hands are one of the more difficult parts of the body to repair as there are little or no spare skin. Therefore, many cyclists choose to wear gloves all year round to help to avoid skin damage in a fall .

When choosing your cycling gloves it should fit snugly but not too tight so that it restrict blood flow. Pay attention to the length of the fingers as the fingertips can become very cold if the glove’s fingers are not long enough. An ideal cycling glove should be loose on the fingers and fit comfortably around the palm.

We recommend that in cooler weather wear a thin inner gloves followed by an outer padded waterproof mittens. Silk inner gloves are exceptionally warm and can usually be found in mountaineering and pocket option download for pc other outdoor sporting shops.

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