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Cycling Helmet

A cycling helmet is designed to provide protection for cyclists in case of any accidents. Around the world, in many countries as part of the law cyclist are required to wear a bicycle helmet whilst riding. This is
because about 90% of cycling accident's main injury is to the head and it is normally the main cause of death for most cyclist.

It is therefore extremely important that a bicycle helmet fit the cyclist properly. According to research up to 95% of helmets have been found to be incorrectly fitted and an incorrectly fitted helmet puts you up to three times more risks.

Bicycle helmets comes in various size ranging from children's to adult so the correct size must be purchased. Cycling helmets are held on the head with a nylon straps, which must be adjusted correctly to fit each individual. The ease with
which adjustment can be made can be one of the major differences between a cheaper helmet and a better quality one.

When trying on your helmet a common mistake often seen is that the helmet sits too high on the forehead. The correct fit of the bicycle helmet should sit level on the cyclists head with only a couple of finger-widths between the eyebrow and the helmet brim. You should not be able to insert more than one finger between the strap and the throat, or to move the cycling helmet more than a centimeter or so in any direction. The correct way is that the strap should be well back under the chin and closet to the throat.

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