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Cycling Shoes

There are a variety of designs of cycling shoes available depending on the type and intensity of the cycling for which you intend to do. Cycling shoes includes hollowed or perforated sections to easily insert cleats for clipless pedal systems such as Shimano
(SPD – Shiamno Pedaling Dynamics) and Look. Let’s have a look at the different cycling shoes:

Cycling shoes for road cycling - have an extremely smooth, rigid, inflexible sole, bent slightly at the ball of the foot to allow power to be transferred and focused in the toes. Quality cycling shoes will depend upon the rigidity of the sole, the material used (elite shoes will have carbon sole), the breathability and overall weight of the shoes (the lighter the better).

Racing cycling shoes - can be adjusted while in use and either use velcro straps or even more complex straps. Road shoes normally have a protruding cleat that makes them somewhat less suitable for walking. Larger road-specific cleats are attached by three bolts, though two bolt attachment of mountain-style cleats is also available.

Mountain Biking – these cycling shoes have a recessed cleat and studs along the sole so that mountain riders can negotiate difficult terrain off their bikes. Mountain style cleats are much smaller than those road specific cleats. They are usually attached to the shoe with two bolts.

Touring Shoes – these offer limited flexibility and traction on the sole. Touring shoes are more for casual, non-competitive cyclist so that the rider can both cycle and walk effectively.

Spinning Shoes – these are recently developed for indoor cycling such as spinning cycling. These shoes are a hybrid between road and touring shoes. They are designed with firm sole and limited traction. Material used are usually lighter and thinner, to maximize comfort, coolness, and breathability for the other hot and under-ventilated conditions.

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