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Cycling Shorts

There are many brands of cycling shorts that are specifically designed for cycling. The modern cycling shorts are made of lycra and contains a synthetic chamois in the seat and crotch area. Most cycling shorts are worn without underwear.

The function of the chamois in the shorts are to absorb moisture, hence preventing chaffing and rashes, thereby increasing a cyclist’s comfort and endurance.

By wearing cycling shorts you are protecting one of the largest group of muscles in the body, the quadriceps. This group of muscles are extensively used during cycling. The quadriceps is one of the weakest muscles in the body in terms of endurance. For this
reason, the lycra fabric of the cycling shorts intends to wrap tightly around the quadriceps, but not so much that is restrict the blood flow, from just above the knees. It acts like a tension wrap to maintain the form of the quadriceps muscles. This allows the cyclists to have greater endurance and strength, ally them to cycle longer, further, and faster.

Traditionally, cycling shorts are blacks but other colors are available for you to mix and match with your cycling clothing.

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